Filtering elements

Perforated plates

Production of tomato concentrates

The production of tomato concentrates involves extracting the dry substance of a tomato from its organic liquids. The tomato is crushed, heated and then undergoes a pulping process. This phase aims to separate the skins and seeds from the pulpy juice. The pulping process can take place with heat by using pulper machines or without heat using a screw press.

The screw press is a slow-moving mechanical device in which a conical screw rotates inside a perforated cylindrical filter. During the pressing phase, the crushed tomato is pressed with increasing force against the metal filter. The holes in the filter allow the pulpy juice to drain out. The juice is collected and then undergoes evaporation treatments (in order to further concentrate it) and pasteurisation.

In the production of tomato concentrates, Costacurta’s punched plates form the filter of the screw press. When manufacturing punched plates, the quality of material used and the precision of the perforations are crucial elements to guarantee an effective filtration.