Conveyor belts


For spiral towers



The cooling process is used to treat fresh or precooked foods. Cooling fresh foods delays the development of bacteria, therefore prolonging the life of the product. In post-cooking processes, cooling is increasingly more effective given that the bacteria multiply rapidly at higher temperatures (usually between +20°C and +60°C approximately) and it is therefore essential to minimise the time during which foods remain within these temperature intervals. An effective process involves cooking foods for as long as required and then returning them rapidly to controlled temperatures, therefore guaranteeing suitable hygiene levels and avoiding weight loss due to evaporation.

Some products that usually undergo the cooling process are bread, pastries, pizza, pasta, poultry, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

The cooling process usually takes place inside spiral towers or straight tunnels. Spiral towers vertically use all the space necessary to guarantee transit of foods inside the cooling unit for the correct time. Spiral towers are usually made with single or double towers and can be configured in different ways to adapt to existing production processes as well as to the available space.

The foods to be cooled are moved into the cooling units on conveyor belts. Conveyor belts for spiral towers guarantee flexibility in every direction and are therefore suitable for going along tracks having both straight and curved sections. Costacurta conveyor belts are high-quality conveyor belts made in stainless steel. They guarantee maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.

As well as guaranteeing a high-quality product, Costacurta provides technicians and engineers to assist clients in the selection of the most suitable type of belt for their machinery and processes.