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Hexagonal mesh


VICO-Still® is the registered trademark of the hexagonal mesh produced by Costacurta. It consists of panels in shaped metal plates joined together by a special locking system that guarantees high stiffness even after the panel has been rolled. It is used to armour and support refractory linings, resistant to abrasion and corrosion, applied to the walls of reactors, cyclones, furnaces and vessels. VICO-Still® panels can be supplied both flat and cut to size and rolled in accordance with installation drawings issued by the technical office. Flat rectangular panels measuring 2000×1000 mm are always available in stock. Standard panels are made from 19 or 25 mm thick plates, hexagonal cells with or without lances and central or staggered positioning of the lances. The main materials used for the production of VICO-Still® are AISI 304H, 410S, 310S and carbon steel. A table of materials, complete with chemical analysis and working temperatures can be viewed by clicking on the text to the right of the photographs.