Filtering elements

Woven wire cloths and meshes

Woven wire cloths

Fabricated parts

Other fabricated parts
This family includes a wide range of products made from wire cloths and meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens. The cloths, meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens are transformed into baskets, sieves, perforated trays and numerous other products, applying Costacurta’s vast experience in the field of the processes typical to steel work such as cutting, rolling, welding and surface finishing treatments. Costacurta’s high level of specialization is transformed into a competitive advantage in the event of requests for particularly close tolerances and a high qualitative level. Flexibility and punctual delivery times, even when critical, are made possible thanks to the number and qualitative level of the machines and dies, to organizational flexibility and a large availability of wire cloths and meshes and perforated plates ready for use in stock.
Baskets in wire cloth

Baskets in perforated plate can be made from both punched plate and from drilled or milled plate.

Sieves for granulometric analysis

The test sieves can be used singly or in complete series for cascade sieving, with mesh sequences complying with international test sieve series.

Perforated plates for vibrating screens

Wire meshes and perforated plates, obtained by punching and constructed according to specific criteria, are used in vibrating screens for the classification and separation of various materials in different industrial sectors such as, for example, cement, lime, chalk and plaster. If necessary, these meshes and plates can be provided equipped with hooked edges for their assembling in screening machines. Since this kind of application involves considerable fatigue tension, as well as heavy wear and tear, the choice of the best material relating to the type of application is crucial for the efficient operation of the vibrating screen. It is possible to make meshes and perforated plates from carbon steel, high quality steels, high tensile strength steels and from special wear proof steels. Thanks to its extensive experience in the production of wire meshes and perforated plates, Costacurta can propose excellent solutions for a variety of screening related problems.


VICO-Vibrations® meshes are characterized by an high open area and by the wire’s high tensile strength, high yield point and considerable abrasion resistance.

Filters and gaskets
The filtering discs can be made from single cloths or combinations of cloths with different characteristics, punched in numerous combinations of shapes and sizes. The filtering discs can be supplied with or without edges generally in aluminium. Gaskets are also obtained by punching into numerous combinations of shape and size and can be made from the same materials as the edges. The expertise resulting from an extremely long experience in the weaving of wire cloths and in punching of metals and the large quantity of punching dies available, means that Costacurta can produce filtering discs able to resolve filtering problems in a wide range of applications. The main application of these products is on the spinning machines for the extrusion of plastic materials, synthetic fibres and high polymers. However, they are also used for the extrusion of rubber sheaths for electric cables compounds, in filters for hydraulic circuits and in cocoa processing.
Filters without edge

The filtering discs are used without edge when they only have a filtering function.

Edged filters

The filtering discs are used with edge when as well as filtering, they also have a sealing function.

Spot-welded filters

Spot welded filters are always made from several wire cloths in sequence, spot welded together.


Gaskets must guarantee sealing and prevent leaking of the product being filtered.