Conveyor belts

For spiral towers


Accessories Conveyor belts manufactured by Costacurta can be supplied complete with accessories, such as sprockets and straight or curved structures, with motor on request.

Some belts can be supplied with drive sprockets.
Also conveyor belts with chains at the edges can be supplied with drive sprockets.
Sprockets are made of different materials according to customer needs, with unfinished or finished bore, keyway and hole for fixing screw.

Special features Our attention to the specific needs of the customer takes us to study the best technical solutions. We are therefore able to develop special features concerning the supply of drive chains, guard edges, dividers and flights.
Guard edges

Guard edges are elements placed at the edges of the belt, that allow the product not to go out of the belt.

They are normally made of plate or obtained by belt bending; they are supplied in the same material quality of the belt and in different heights.

VICO-Flex conveyor belts are supplied with integral guard edges on both sides.


The dividers separate the width of the belt in more sections.

They can be installed when manufacturing the belt or, in some particular cases, they can be installed at a later stage.

As regards VICO-Flex belts, it is possible to have dividers made of either plate or belt spirals.

Selvages Costacurta conveyor belts can be manufactured with different selvages: knuckled selvage (K), welded selvage (W), ladder selvage (L), ladder welded selvage (LW), reinforced welded selvage (RF).
Welded selvages (W)

The selvages are closed welding the spiral to the connecting rod.