Filtering elements

Wedge wire screen

Biogas production

In biogas production, biogas is obtained from the natural fermentation of slurries and other organic substances resulting, for example, from agricultural activities.

Fermentation occurs within reinforced concrete vessels with the addition of bacteria and on reaching a preset temperature. Fermentation produces a methane-rich gas that is then burned to generate electric and thermal energy.

The substances remaining at the end of the biogas production process are sent to a screw separator. Inside this separator they are compressed by a screw as they pass through a conical filtering sieve with longitudinal slots. The screw transports the solid material to the machine exit while the liquid material flows into the body of the separator through the longitudinal slots. The solid material is usually used for fertiliser or animal bedding. The liquids are used for fertigation.

The VICO-Screen® filtering sieve is a high-quality wedge wire screen. It is made from stainless steel so that it will not require special maintenance. The arrangement of the openings minimises the risk of clogging, and thanks to the high open areas, filtration occurs efficiently even at high capacity. Costacurta can supply it as a finished cylinder, manufactured according to clients’ specifications.