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Reactor internals

Radial and down flow internals

Radial flow reactor internals

In the typical configuration of a Radial Flow reactor, the reacting gas is conveyed radially on the catalytic bed through perforated plate distributors (scallops) located along the reactor walls or through the slots of an outer basket. After having passed through the catalyst bed, the gas is collected in a centerpipe and conveyed to the next reaction stage. There are also applications whereby the gas follows the same route in the opposite direction, in other words from the inside outwards, however the basic configuration of the internals is the same. As well as scallops and centerpipes, other internals normally present in Radial Flow reactors are: inlet distributors, deflecting baffles, centerpipe supports, coverplates, shrouds and catalyst transfer pipes. The main applications are: distribution of gas mixtures through catalytic beds and catalyst containment in the production of ammonia, in the extraction and treatment of gas and crude oil, in gas isomerization and aromatization units and in catalyst reforming units. Costacurta is specialized in the construction of reactor internals; moreover, starting from plates and wires made of stainless steel and special alloys, Costacurta manufactures wire meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens, which are the filtering elements most widely used in the construction of centerpipes, scallops and outer baskets.