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Woven wire cloths and meshes

Crimped, lock crimped and welded meshes

Locked crimped wire meshes

These are made by weaving previously locked wires. There are two types of locked crimped wire mesh: single locked crimped mesh, in which the wires cross over alternately in correspondence to a locked crimping imprint and a piece of non crimped wire, and double locked crimped mesh, in which the wires cross over at every crimping. Thanks to its particular stiffness, this kind of mesh enables greater precision to be maintained while working, even with wide mesh openings. Simple locked crimped meshes enable the production of panels with a particularly smooth surface. They may be supplied in flat panels in different geometric shapes. It is possible to make them from all metal materials and alloys, that can be drawn into wire, such as for example carbon steel, stainless steels, Nickel-Chromium alloys, pure metals.