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This family includes a wide range of products made from wire cloths and meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens. The cloths, meshes, perforated plates and wedge wire screens are transformed into baskets, sieves, perforated trays and numerous other products, applying Costacurta’s vast experience in the field of the processes typical to steel work such as cutting, rolling, welding and surface finishing treatments. Costacurta’s high level of specialization is transformed into a competitive advantage in the event of requests for particularly close tolerances and a high qualitative level. Flexibility and punctual delivery times, even when critical, are made possible thanks to the number and qualitative level of the machines and dies, to organizational flexibility and a large availability of wire cloths and meshes and perforated plates ready for use in stock.
VICO-Screen baskets VICO-Screen® baskets can be manufactured from cylinders obtained directly from the machine or through the rolling of a flat panel obtained by flattening a cylinder produced directly by the machine. >