Conveyor belts

For other industrial processes


The VICO-TR belt is made of flat bars and is sprocket driven. It is characterized by a large free area, ease of cleaning and flexibility in use from –150°C to 550°C. It also guarantees considerable reliability when working because it remains perfectly centred thanks to its sprocket wheel drive. VICO-TR belts are classified according to the pitch of the flat bar bends and of the rods, the diameter of the rods and the size of the flat bars. VICO-TR belts can be supplied with button head welded connecting rods or rods with clinched edges. VICO-TR belts are mainly made of carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steels. For the driving of the VICO-TR belts standard cast iron or carbon steel sprockets are normally used, and are normally available in stock. On request, the sprockets can be made of AISI 304, AISI 316, Nylon, UHMW 1000, etc. The sprockets are supplied with an unmachined axial bore and with the hub sized according to the diameter of the shaft used.