Resistance. Upon raw material reception, samples of the wires and ropes are analysed in the laboratory by means of specific tests in order to verify their mechanical characteristics.

Colour homogeneity. The raw material comes from the same casting in order to guarantee homogenous colours and shades.

Geometry. The respect of geometric characteristics (distance, diameter, section) guarantees the structural uniformity of the final product.

Flatness. Specific production techniques such as pre-straightening wire in weft or flattening contribute to achieving excellent levels of flatness in our products.

Accurate welding. Where present, welding is performed by qualified welders and verified through appropriate tests.

Cleaning. Ultrasonic washing facilities cleanse the product to ensure the best level of cleanliness.
For a superior polish, electro-polishing may be carried out on request.

Suitable packaging. This ensures product integrity for long periods of time both during transport and on-site handling.