Filtering elements

Wedge wire screen

Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment involves the removal of contaminants from water. The water purification process is carried out in several phases that can be physical, biological or chemical. Upstream of the waste water treatment process, solids are removed from the water in order to avoid damage to downstream machinery, which would compromise the quality of the purification process.

Removal of these solids occurs through mechanical pre-treatments. The first phase is screening, a mechanical filtration procedure that separates solids from liquids. This first purification phase can involve coarse screening followed by other finer screening procedures.

The most commonly used screening machines are the rotating drum screen (commonly known as a rotosieve) and the static screen. Inside both of these machines is a screen cleaner filter. This filter is the core of the machine and is crucial for guaranteeing the success of the subsequent purification phases, and therefore for improving the overall efficiency of the process.

The VICO-Screen® screen cleaner is a high-quality wedge wire screen. Costacurta can supply it as a flat panel, a section of a cylinder or as a finished cylinder manufactured according to the clients’ specifications. These screens are used in various waste water treatment plants. The most important of these include domestic waste, food farming industries, paper mills, sugar factories and chemical plants.

The VICO-Screen® screen cleaner is made from stainless steel so that it does not require special maintenance. The arrangement of the openings minimises the risk of clogging and thanks to the high open areas, filtration occurs efficiently even at high capacity. These filters are self-supporting and therefore do not require any specific framework. Finally, the filter’s high capacity allows the production of small machinery with equal performance.