Filtering elements

Woven wire cloths and meshes


Sieving or screening is a pre-treatment procedure for products in granular or powder form. It involves separating the material based on the size of the fragments in order to obtain individual products with acceptable grades of purity. There are different types of sieving equipment, the main ones being drum sieves, disk sieves and vibrating screens.
Vibrating screens are used for processing ceramics, clay, silicone, plaster, sand, calcium carbonate, granulated marble, powdered milk, sugar, salt, coffee, tobacco etc.

Costacurta’s wire meshes are mainly used in vibrating screens. In these machines the sieving force is generated by electromagnetic heads, mounted directly on the screening wire mesh. The degree of inclination and the number of screening meshes used varies according to the type of material being treated and the grade of separation required.

Costacurta’s wire mesh is a high-quality mesh with open areas that minimise the risk of clogging (especially when treating wet products). In addition, if inclined correctly, it allows a faster treatment and therefore increases the production capacity.