Filtering elements

Wedge wire screen

Treatment of process fluids

The treatment of process fluids involves the removal of solid materials such as oils, industrial water and sea-water. This treatment is mainly carried out using mechanical actions within self-cleaning fiters. During the processing phase, the impurities treated by the filters are removed by a backwashing system, meaning that the machine can continue to operate without interruptions.

Self-cleaning filters for the treatment of process fluids are used in chemical, petrochemical, iron and steel, pharmaceutical and food plants, but also in the treatment of different types of water (sea, river, reservoir) as well as in power plants. Inside these filters there are between 5 and 36 VICO-Screen® filter candles.

VICO-Screen® filter candles are high-quality wedge wire screens, made from stainless steel so that they do not require special maintenance. The arrangement of the openings minimises the risk of clogging and thanks to the high open areas, filtration occurs efficiently even at high capacity. These filters are self-supporting and therefore do not require any special framework. Finally, the filter’s high capacity allows the production of small machinery with equal performances.