Filtering elements

Woven wire cloths and meshes

Heat treatments

Heat treatments such as sintering and carbonitriding are used to treat metal elements. When the pieces to be treated are small in size (connectors, metal pieces, gears etc.), they are placed inside wire cloth baskets or trays before being placed into ovens.

The sintering process involves the compaction of powdered metallic materials. The powders are compacted in dies and then heated to a temperature which is lower than the material’s melting point.

This process typically takes place inside static or continuous ovens that can reach temperatures of approximately 1150°C. When treated in a continuous oven, the materials undergoing heat treatments move through it on conveyor belts specifically designed for high temperatures.

The carbonitriding process is a surface heat treatment that is carried out by covering the material with gas or liquid mixtures. This treatment increases the surface hardness of the piece through the diffusion of carbon and nitrogen, at the same time reducing wear. This heat treatment typically takes place inside ovens that can reach temperatures of approximately 930°C.

Costacurta’s wire cloths for heat treatments, made according to the client’s specifications, are produced using materials that are resistant to extremely high temperatures, such as AISI 310S, 314, 330, NiCr 37/18, NiCr 80/20. The wire cloths can be supplied in rolls, custom-made panels or as ready-to-use baskets or trays.