Conveyor belts

For high temperatures


Hardening is a heat treatment that involves heating a material to a high temperature and its subsequent sudden cooling using water, oil and air. The aim of this treatment is to obtain superior mechanical characteristics, giving the material increased hardness. The hardening process is used on different types of steels and is commonly used to treat small metal parts, including screws, bolts, springs and bearings.

This heat treatment typically takes place inside continuous ovens for hardening that can reach temperatures of approximately 950°C. The parts to be treated are moved inside the oven on conveyor belts for high temperatures.

Costacurta conveyor belts for high temperatures are sized according to the operating conditions, the size of the parts to be treated and the workload, and are normally made in stainless steel 314 (W. Nr. 1.4841), NiCr 37/18 (W. Nr. 1.4864).

As well as guaranteeing a high-quality product, Costacurta provides technicians and engineers to assist clients in the selection of the most suitable type of belt for their machinery and processes.