Filtering elements

Woven wire cloths and meshes

Cleaning and selection of cereals

The cleaning and selection of cereals (cereals, seeds, legumes, etc.) consists in removing the husk (chaff) of the grains, the grains themselves, if empty or damaged, straw and dust. The different types of machines used for these treatments mainly work using sieving and aspiration technology.

The wire cloths form the sieve which is inserted into the machine and which allows the selected cereals to move past towards the outlet. While the product goes by, the openings in the wire cloth allow air, blown from below, to remove waste materials, which are aspirated and directed to a separate outlet.

Costacurta can make different types of high-quality wire cloths, also according to a client’s specific requirements, that, used in scouring, polishing, and drying machines or in cereal calibrating machines, give the best performance.

The wire cloths chosen by Costacurta for this application are normally made with square cross-section wires both in warp and weft. Thanks to better crimping of the warp or weft wires, according to clients’ specific requirements, Costacurta’s cloths enable their clients to achieve enhanced effectiveness in cereal cleaning and selection.