Separation technologies

Oil and gas production

Includes all processes of phase separation, waste water treatment, first treatment and pumping or compression of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons extracted from the respective oilfields, and reinjection of gas or water into the oilfields. Plants are normally located close to extraction sites and can therefore be located onshore or offshore. In the latter case they can be located either on fixed or floating platforms or on ships (FPSO’s). The main processes are:

Phase separation
  • Test separator
  • Production separator
  • Free Water KO Drum
  • Oil coalescer
  • Flare KO Drum
Waste water treatment
  • Produced water coalescer
First treatment of gaseous hydrocarbons
  • Glycol contactor
  • Low Temperature Separator
Compression of gaseous hydrocarbons
  • Suction KO Drum
  • Interstage KO Drum
  • Discharge KO Drum