Conveyor belts

For other industrial processes


Baking of flour products is the process that transforms a raw flour-based food into a cooked one. This occurs by exposing the raw food to heat sources. The most commonly known flour products are bread, pizza, biscuits, breadsticks and cakes.

Baking takes place inside continuous ovens with temperatures between approximately 180°C and 280°C, according to the product to be baked. The products are moved inside these continuous ovens on metal conveyor belts.

Costacurta conveyor belts resist the temperatures inside the oven and are made with high-quality materials in order to guarantee maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning after use. The surface of the conveyor belts is designed in such way that it can adequately support the product to be baked.

As well as guaranteeing a high-quality product, Costacurta provides technicians and engineers to assist clients in the selection of the most suitable type of belt for their baking lines.