In compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 dated 30 June 2003, containing the Data Protection Code (hereinafter the ‘Code’) which contains provisions directed at the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data, Costacurta S.p.A.- VICO (hereinafter the ‘Company’), acting as data controller, provides the data subject who, during the navigation of this website will input personal data, with the following information concerning the purposes and methods of the data processing, in addition to the data and the related processing; the mandatory or optional nature of the provision of the data; the consequences of a refusal to give consent to the processing; the persons or the categories of persons to whom the data may be transmitted and the scope of the dissemination of the said data; the rights of the data subject; the addresses of the data controller and of the data processor.

The following information are provided to the data subject so that he can provide his/her informed consent to the processing, since it constitutes the legal ground of them.

Pursuant to the Code, the data controller has to comply with the principles of accuracy, lawfulness and transparency aimed at the protection of privacy and the rights of the data subject.

According to section 13 of the Code, it should be noted that:
a. the processing that the Company intends to carry out in relation to the data subject’s personal data shall consist in the gathering, recording, organisation, archiving, consultation, processing, alteration, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, transmission, dissemination, erasure and destruction, as well as a combination of two or more of the said operations;
b. the Company shall process only datasubject’s personal data, that enable the direct identification of the data subjects, data coming from public registers, and referring, where needed, to the data subject’s financial situation and his/her relationships with the Company. In no case, the Company will process sensitive data;
c. at the time that this Informative Notice is given:

  • the data controller is Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO with registered offices located in Via Grazioli 30, Milan;
  • anyone interested in exercising the rights described under section 7 of the Code, may address a specific communication by e-mail to, or send a written note to the address

above. The data subject may also obtain details of any changes in the person of the data controller and the data processor by writing addresses above or by consulting the Company’s web-site:;
d. the data subject’s personal data is processed by the Company for purposes inherent to the activities of the Company such as, the performance of the contracts concluded by the data subject with the Company, the performance of related obligations of e.g. a fiscal nature, the processing of preliminary information for the conclusion of the contract and the processing of statistical and market studies and research; the activity of selling and placing products and services, including projects for the development of contacts for the acquisition of new customers and sending informative, advertising and sales material in general, inter alia via automated call systems without an operator, or via e-mail or telefax etc.;
e. to the data subject’s personal data can be transmitted to:

  • to the employees of the Company, as well as to agents, brokers or distributors

appointed to market the Products and/or Services of the Company;

  • to the companies belonging to the Group, including those operating abroad;
  • to the data processor, as identified herein;
  • to the persons charged of the Company’s debts collection as well as to subjects carrying out insuring activities;
  • to business information companies;
  • persons, including persons operating abroad, who perform tasks, appointments or activities, e.g. of a technical, organisational or managerial nature or importance, which the Company utilizes or with whom it has relationships in conducting the business organised to supply services that fall within the object of the contract relating to the data subject. This could for example relate to associations or consortiums of the sector in which the Company operates; persons supplying private automated interbank risk services or credit collection services; and persons that provide services to the Company’s management or auditing services or services for the Certification of the Financial Statements; persons that provide activities for stable management of complex payment systems or payment services; persons charged with mass processing relating to payments, cheques, other securities or bills and documents, or activities for the transmission, placing into envelopes, transport and sorting of communications; providers of information processing or filing services, e.g. in respect of the documentation relating to customer relationships; persons who are appointed by the Company to carry out activities to survey the quality of the services or customer needs or marketing;
  • persons to whom the data must be transmitted by the Company in order to fulfil duties prescribed by law or regulation.

Where needed, the Company will appoint the subjects listed above as data processor or persons in charge for the processing, as the case may be, according to sections 29 and 30 of the Code. In some cases, the subjects above shall act as autonomous data controller with the specific obligation to provide data subject with an adequate informative notice and to obtain the relevant consent.

Personal data may be transferred abroad, within the territory of the European Union and outside of such a territory.

The list of data processors, appointed by the Company, will be constantly updated. Anyone interested in access to this list, may send the relevant request to the same address, indicated above for the exercising of the rights as per section 7 of the Code.

The data shall not be transmitted or disseminated to other persons, unless the data subject’s consent has been expressly obtained, except in the circumstances – in addition to those indicated hereinabove – in which the transmission of the data does not require the data subject’s consent in terms of section 24 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03.
f. the processing activities described above shall be carried out via electronic automated means, as well as by using traditional methods. All the devices involved in the processing activities are suitable to ensure the highest level in terms of security in order to avoid unauthorized access to the personal data or their loss or destruction.